Sci-fier Event

Yenepoya Institute Of Arts Science Commerce And Management,Balmatta

General Rules:

  1. The fest is open to Undergraduate students.
  2. Participants must carry permission letters, respective ID cards and shall produce them when necessary.
  3. Each Participant is allowed to participate in only one event.
  4. Teams should confirm their participation on or before June 3, 2023.
  5. Registration fees per event is ₹100.
  6. Participants are required to report by 8:30 AM.
  7. Any indecent behaviour during the course of the fest will not be entertained.
  8. Participants must be dressed in formal attire on the days of the fest.
  9. Decisions of Organisers and judges are final and binding.
  • Student Coordinators:
  • Abdul Rahiman Fayiz (7204243186)
  • Mahammad Sayyad Asraruddeen (9686753643)
  • Shawn George (9207869168)
  • Staff Coordinators
  • Vijitha V (7034528045)


1. Individual Participation
2. The event will begin sharp at 10:00 AM and the participants should be present at the venue 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
3. Participants are required to be equipped with their own laptops, pen drives and internet connection.
4. Any kind of disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.
5. Participants must be dressed in formal attire on both the days of the fest.
6. Decisions of organiser and judges are final and binding.
7. Participants must be ready for a surprise overnight event.

Event heads:
Fathima Nashwa (7760837703)
Megha K N (6282716551)


1. Maximum 2 members are allowed in a team.
2. Electronic gadgets are not allowed.
3. Topics include general knowledge, Science & Current affairs.

Event heads:
Areez (8073797957)
Harshitha U Shetty (9606598516)


1. Students must know the basics of C, C++, JAVA, MYSQL and PYTHON.
2. It’s a team of 2 members.
3. Laptops are not required.
4. Smartphones and electronic gadgets are not allowed.
5. The participants must submit the answer within the given time.
6. Judging will be done based on efficiency and quality of the code.

Event head:
Ahammed Munazir M (7994248916)
Abhishek Abhayakumar (7034365314)


1. Individual Participation.
2. Participants are allowed to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create their website design. The use of any other languages is not permitted.
3. Participants must complete their website design within the given time frame, and late submissions will not be accepted.
4. The design should be original and not infringe on any copyright laws.
5. Plagiarism or any form of cheating will result in disqualification.
6. All necessary software, tools, and assets required for the competition will be provided. Text Editors - Notepad++.

Event heads:
Mohammed Safwan (9207618787)
Chinju mary jordin (6238491025)

GALATIC VISION (Photography)

1. Individual Participation
2. All Participants should have DSLR camera.
3. Participants should bring their own laptops along with all the needed software for editing.
4. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
5. No watermark must be displayed.
6. Themes will be given on the spot.

Event head:
Aflah T K (7306360870)
Aswin Binu k (9207412557)


1. 5 Participants from a team.
2. There will be two games(BGMI and Valorant).
3. Players must bring their own headphones/earphones
4. BGMI must be played by any 4 players in mobile Phones only(should have their own internet connection)
5. BGIS tournament point system will be followed for BGMI.
6. Valorant Participants must bring their own laptop and accessories(Internet will be provided)
7. Standard VCT rules will be followed throughout the tournament.
8. Any kind of cheating, misconduct or exploiting bugs will result in disqualification of the team

Event head:
Abhinandh k (9539802602)
Jathin Suresh (9188781153)

CLUEMINATI (Treasure Hunt)

1. Two participant’s from a team ,a boy and a girl.
2. The event will include Physical and IQ test.
3. Each round will be awarded with points.
4. Mobile phones are prohibited (use of it will lead to disqualification)
5. Participants are requested to get their own refreshments
6. Partners need to be together in the mentioned round.
7. The Organizer's decision is final and binding. (No arguments will be entertained)
8. Key should be mandatorily found to open the treasure.

Event heads:
Shreya NP(8310702928)
Amrithraj (8277173279)


1. Two participant’s from a team .
2. Kitchen kit (Knife, Apron, Cutting Board) should be brought by the participants.
3. Tent card materials should be brought and made on the spot.
4. Crockery and cutlery for the final presentation should be brought by the Participants.
5. Participants should bring the ingredients for cooking without fire.

Event heads:
Fathima zenha (6282725873)
Hashrath (7019205735)

DISCOVERY ZONE (Surprise Event)

1. Individual Participation
2. Participant must have basic knowledge of science.
3. The event is designed for science students of all levels, you can attend with confidence knowing you won't be overwhelmed with advanced scientific concepts.

Event head:
Hanan Rasheed (7306634162)
Adithyan K (9526212957)

MR AND MISS EQUINOX (Scientific Champions)

1. A boy and girl will be participating separately from a team.
2. Participants will be judged on their critical thinking and communication skills.

Event head:
Shaun Glen (9207885881)
Hudha khaleel (7907295727)


1. Three participant’s from a team
2. Participants will be judged on their Facts and communication skills.
Event head:
Shramika R (8792038573)
Shifa Mariyath K.A (6282597709)


1. Individual Participant.
2. Has the liberty to take two or three witnesses accomplish.
3. The case will be given two hours prior to the event.
4. The prosecutor and defendant side will be decided on the spot so, the party should prepare for both.
5. The final verdict on the case will be disclosed by the judge based on evidence presentation and assessment of the case.

Event head:
Karan (7012419509)
Shereena k (7356000952)

I - MARTYRAS (Observation Event)

1. A crime scene setup will be displayed for the participants
2. Participants are allowed to walk through crime scene and observe the things within a given time slot.
3. Result will be based on the highest number of things listed.

Event head:
Yameema P Binu (7736958489)
Shonet Shalbi Y (8304054048)

UNRAVEL THE ENIGMA (Fiction Writing)

1. Individual Participant.
2. All writing equipment’s should be brought by the participant.
3. Topic of the story will begiven on the spot.
4. One A4 paper will be provided per participant.
5. Participants will be judged on: originality, creativity, character built plot, theme of the plot, unique and catchy title, point of view depictionand story development.

Event heads:
Rajina Rajan (7902937355)
Shwetha K V (8281077570)