Principal's Message

A warm and sincere welcome and greetings.

The Yenepoya Institute of Arts, Science, Commerce and Management is one of the fledgling institutes of the Yenepoya (Deemed to be University) and hence provides a contemporary and futuristic experience of teaching and learning. The degree courses offered are carefully selected to meet the requirement of a very special niche of aspiring students like you. The millennial  movement has brought into focus degrees related to the discipline of humanities and economics especially connected to the services sector driven by the macro and micro economic environment. In this context courses addressing big data analytics, commerce, aviation, tourism, travel and hospitality are the options from which you have selected to obtain holistic aptitudes towards your chosen degree.

You will be provided opportunities to excel and address your motivations towards areas of interest through a choice based credit degree. The institute environment and curriculum is designed to nurture your varying expectations and capabilities. You are allowed to engage in areas of specialization with proven ability to make distinctive contributions to the objectives of the degree.  You will be protected through various academic committees and regulatory cells to preserve your integrity and dignity.

We wish that you may contribute not only through academics but also through your talent and achievements in co curricular and extracurricular activities for which you will be provided extensive support. The institute has provisions for structured activities through clubs and houses. You may choose to join a club, whilst you will be randomly selected as a member of a house (Earth , Sun, Moon and Star).

A competent and vibrant group of full time, adjunct and guest faculty will provide quality teaching and learning experiences. The institute will provide opportunities for you to qualify through certifications relevant to the profession to which you are seeking to graduate from.

As much as the institute may contribute to your growth and career, we also look forward to learning from you as you go through your curriculum. Whether you are graduating with a degree or an honours degree, the journey will be fruitful and eventually, you as an ambassador of the Institute will continue to be a socially useful citizen of the country.

Dr. Parvadhavardhini
YIASCM College Balmatta